Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Goooooood Evening, since I have nothing exciting to share with you about my week so far, I thought I would show you some of my photos from when I went to Berlin in June, with my best mate! It all started from us googling the "World's biggest.."....FISH TANK, which believe it or not, is in a hotel in Berlin. Shocked at the wonders of this enormous fish tank, we booked ourselves on a flight, to experience to carb filled delights of Germany! So here are a selection of my favourite photos from the trip, I'll try and caption them so you aren't completely confused....

This film was in a gallery near the Brandenburger Tor, it was a comparison between how the nazis used propaganda rallies to recruit people and hooliganism at football matches. It was a powerful message but really hit home how easily people can be swayed to particular view.

The World's largest fish tank inside the Radisson Blu hotel...

A segment of the Berlin wall

Sugar rush at the Ritter sport cafe, where I ate the most delicious chocolate "bit" in the world, no idea what it was but oh man it was delicious.....

The Holocaust Memorial

The Reichstag

Inside the dome of the Reichstag

A flea market in Freidrichstrass (I think that's how you spell it), possibly one of my favourite parts of the trip. 

I take that back, this was one of my favourite parts, It was a derelict theatre where artists began squatting and has been transformed into a work of art, completely engulfed in graffiti but also there was something weirdly sad about the place. A kind of beautiful sadness 

The East side gallery, a reconstructed section of the Berlin wall, which displays some amazing artwork.


  1. I love Berlin as a city - I went with my german class last November and we visited the Reichstag too, and stayed in a hostel which translated as the three little pigs, brilliant! x

    1. Such an amazing place, definitely needed more than a week to see everything!! Also you made me realise I'd spelt Reichstag wrong, thank-you haha Xx

  2. Great photos! & I love your outfits & Raybans! Great styles xx


  3. I loooveee Berlin so much, there's always loads to do there and the mix of people is awesome- looks like you had a great time :) xoxo